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Discover who shines the brightest in their field across the Sauk Valley area! It’s a celebration of exceptional local businesses and community members, highlighting the best in various categories. About Regional Media At Regional Media, our role as broadcasters goes beyond mere responsibility – it’s a commitment fueled by passion. 
Our initiatives, which range from hosting concerts and events for charitable causes to honoring frontline workers, and supporting local businesses with free advertising, have significantly impacted our communities. Leveraging the extensive reach and influence of our local Regional Media Radio stations and Media channels, we’ve established an unparalleled connection with our audience. This unique capability has been instrumental in fostering a sense of unity and engagement within the community we serve. Building on this momentum, we’re proud to spotlight the Best of Sauk Valley program. 
Best of Sauk Valley has already garnered massive success, celebrating and acknowledging the remarkable adaptability and dedication of local businesses to their customers. We encourage our listeners, fans, and followers to get involved by voting for their favorite local businesses across a variety of categories. Join us in continuing this exciting and meaningful tradition, as we come together to honor the resilience and accomplishments of our local community.

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